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Horn sharks + tope shark snorkel, plus some good California Sheephead fish drama

Horn shark, male - you can see his white-tipped claspers.
Reports lately have been touting sightings of multiple sevengill sharks... not only at the place I've seen them before (say, 40 feet down after a big kick-out to a distant buoy), but in the shallows.

If I hadn't seen video I might've questioned these stories... but the video evidence was too hard to ignore, so on Monday I gave it a shot after dropping the kids off at school. I didn't see any sevengills, but I did see a couple of horn sharks and a nice big tope shark, though that tope shark was in deeper water with lower visibility.

Tope or Soupfin shark in low viz
Note the fish drama: it took me awhile to work out what I had witnessed, but with time and research, I believe that the fish drama I captured was of two transitioning California Sheepheads that are transitioning from female to male. This occurs with every such fish around about age 7 or 8. See Courtship and Spawning Behavior in the California Sheephead,…

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