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Sea Turtle + Leopard Shark Magic

* Me + Turtle Forever *

Sorry for the lack of posting lately - we moved (not far, but a full move is still a full move) and although the move gave me great ideas for renovation-related blog posts, I haven't had a second to put them out there. I will soon!

One thing I've never given up for long, however, is Oceaning (my word and I'm keeping it). No matter how much I may have dived, swam, and snorkeled La Jolla in the last bunch of years, I had never managed to spot the elusive sea turtle which make its home here... despite numerous reports from other divers.

That all changed a couple of weeks ago when I finally spotted this chill cutie!

That's always the way, isn't it? You give up looking for something and then it stumbles right into your view. Yes, I think that's a Turtle Toot you're looking at, below.

My luck has often been good in finding one of my favorite animals to watch - our local leopard sharks. They are fast and elusive and they won't stick ar…

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