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Temecula wineries | Girls' weekend

Overlooking Rancho California Road in Temecula wine valley
Some months ago, my friends tried to plan a girls' weekend in Paso Robles - which was super exciting for me because I had never been. When researching logistics, however, it was clear that we would need to fly there to make it work for a quick weekend getaway from San Diego, and most of us were counting on the ease of driving and the fun of road-tripping. I know it's not sexy but I was looking forward to getting into my Ready Player One book-on-tape (MP3).

At Doffo Winery: an out-of-focus rose. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and this blog is free.
Still, the real blowback came from the Old Men in our lives, who basically fell into two camps: the wine snobs who had been to Paso many times before and didn't want to miss out on it, and the ones who had not yet been and felt slighted that they were being left out. Nevermind that it's not Napa! People go crazy for Paso too, apparently. Don't ask me why, beca…

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