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Cozy German Fare | Sausage, Cabbage, Apple + Beer Skillet

The past few days here in San Diego have been really gray and overcast, yet have delivered no actual rainy relief. It's felt downright inclement, so I rejoiced when this recipe appeared in my inbox like an angel from the sky.

This is basically a bratwurst/kielbasa-sausage-and-cabbage skillet, sauteed in a good pilsner and lightened up with green apples instead of potatoes. You can make it with any sausage though, including your own natural game sausage.

My favorite part of cooking with wine or beer is drinking that wine or beer while cooking. No! It's the aroma of the spices and meats coalescing on a chilly late afternoon, while the sun sets outside (earlier these days since Daylight Savings Time).

We're a major lager-loving house here so you'll pretty much just find Stella Artois, Heineken, Red Stripe, Coors, Modelo, and Corona here, so I had to do some reading to find a good pilsner. Beer Advocate names their favorite pilsners (judged by taste) here, and Men's J…

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