Flashback Friday | Hawaii with littles

Two summers ago we went to Hawaii for the first and only time, and today I've been wishing we were back there.  Not just for the beauty of the locale but for the adventure and the freedom of vacation... don't we all, though.

Did I mention that we could only swing the trip because we dogsat for an old friend of mine who happened to be stationed in Hawaii?  The dogs loved the ocean, just like my dawgs did:

Touring Shangri La:

Inspecting Shark's Cove:

 Our "local" beach - wild at dusk

Do you see the lovely little longhorn cowfish?

Hours were spent inspecting beach sand for treasures:

Secrets were told

And the locals were generous in sharing their secrets, too... this lovely group of ladies thought our kids would like to see this seahorse they found: 


Beauty was everywhere!  Especially at the Polynesian Center ~

and in ink tattoos:

I'll end it with the fact that we crashed the Aulani Resort: 

Have a great weekend and thanks for looking!


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