Happy Halloween! | Spider cuties

Here's a few photos of spiders I've captured around the house.  The photos really display their beauty and dare I say... cuteness... no?

This is a golden jumping spider.  He gesticulated wildly before spinning the escape thread of silk you see before you.  

This one is a red-backed jumper, quite a bit larger than the golden above, and this guy had only seven legs. I swear they have personality!  He seemed intrigued by the lens, almost as if trying to discover whether or not it was some giant eye like his own.

This is another red-back, but found inside the house.  I was delighted!  But he was on the ceiling so getting the images was a little tricky.

This is one of several tarantulas which we found out on trail at Blue Sky Reserve during a docent-led nighttime entomological hike with the kids.  I guess we hiked during mating season when all of them are out-and-about mingling.  If a creature can be both delicate and feisty, this is it!  He reared up if we came too close.

Happy All Hallow's Eve!  xo


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