Dove hunting in Imperial Valley, trip #2

Good news and bad news about our dove-hunting trip this morning.

The bad news is that one of the barrels on my new (used) gun does not fire - meaning I effectively have one shot and if I don't make the shot I've got to reload before the bird gets out of range.  Also, I was very tentative in identifying what was a dove and what was not, causing me to not fire on several birds which turned out to be smug doves who just flew away unscathed.  For that I have no regrets, but the score remains:

Doves: 1, Me: 0.

The good news is that although we arrived about a half hour later than I would have liked (6:45am), we had perfect weather and I confirmed a prime spot on Brundy farm land which we used to practice shooting and even throw clays for each other.  Practice makes perfect, right?

Happy shooting!


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