Scouting dove-hunting land

Yesterday I drove out to Imperial Valley to scout out the available hunting land there, and boy did I underestimate the magnitude of how FAR Imperial County is from Poway, and how long the whole endeavor would take.  But what I paid for in hours, stressful driving conditions and grief, I gained in the beauty of the desert and... a signed release allowing me to hunt on all Brundy Farm fields!  I also scoped out some land to the north which is huntable (according to the Bureau of Land Management maps):

Not pictured are the hundreds of miles of road traveled to reach this site, or the kind dudes who scrawled a makeshift map on the back of a napkin for me at a local Mexican restaurant directing me to their farm land... I am supposed to tell anyone who gives me grief about hunting there that "Doug said it was okay."

This is the hardest part of hunting I think - scouting, finding land.  I didn't even see any doves, so when we go out here I don't even have any guarantee that we will have a successful hunt.  I'm chalking this up to experience though.


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