Flashback Friday | Estonia

Beautiful Tallinn, Summer 1999.  Don't you sometimes wish you could go back in time to your favorite destinations of olde with one of today's cameras?  And maybe the wisdom to take a better photo... though this isn't too bad I don't think.

There for a semester abroad during law school studying International Finance & Emerging Markets, we were drawn to the country's ability to make one of the most successful transitions from communism to both democracy and capitalism;  in fact, Estonia's flat tax is progressive even by Western European standards. But we noticed that there was still a division between the native Estonians and the large population of Russians which still inhabit the former Soviet Socialist Republic.    

The quality of this photo is pretty bad but still manages to capture the beauty of Tallinn in the summertime, when the sun shone well into the night (in June the day lasts for nineteen hours while the night only lasts for five... and even then nighttime has only a dusk-like darkness).

This is Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, photographed by me at age 24.  I want a retake!

Maybe something more like this:

photographer unknown

Enjoy the wee rest of your Friday the 13th ! xo


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