Holiday greetings

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday (Thirty? Forty? Fifty? I'll let you be the judge but don't you DARE say fifty! Not yet anyway...) and we partied at my favorite little wine bar/club downtown - the chic little rabbit hole that is Vin De Syrah.

There were even burlesque dancers!

And as the night wore on, the wine bar turned into a club.  Can you see that pretty pink Swedish princess cake behind me?  

It was a blast and we even managed to make it to another friend's party the next night, so obviously we can manage our wine.  Right?

The rest of our holiday season has delightfully revolved around the Littles, seen here decorating their Gingerbread houses.  

When they aren't doing this they are snuggling, asking me to play a game, singing in front of their stuffed animals or helping me cook.  

Speaking of cooking, our Christmas Eve dinner tradition is to dump a mountain of crab legs into a bowl and have at it (and it's pretty much the only time of year that we do this) because they are amazing, but also super quick and easy on what is always such a hectic day.

I also made this breakfast-y Fennel Crumb Cake this morning and it was a smash hit. Served with fresh whipped cream because we were out of the canned stuff.  What an interesting flavor the fennel adds!

You can find the recipe - which actually includes raspberries - here or message me if you don't want to look it up.  Happy holidays!  xo


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