Fearless Women Vol. 3

New blog post on chef/huntress Georgia Pellegrini's site!  Check it out:  Fearless Women Vol. 3: Holly Haeseler 


  1. Holly
    Just read your interview with Georgia and was amazed at your writing talent. A magazine piece written by Georgia caught my attention, promting me to purchase her two books at the time. Again, amazing. I don't know how you young people acquire the nack of expression. You must be wired different. Anyway, do you have any books or other publications for sale?

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, James! I haven't published anything yet; I have several works in progress and can't seem to focus enough on any one of them to get the publishing job done.
      I agree with you about Georgia. She's inspirational, as are some of the other lovely ladies I met on the Adventure Getaway who have successful blogs. Babysteps. :)


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