Rabbit stew

I've been dying to try my hand at cooking rabbit and ideally, I would be able to cook up one that I've hunted myself as my favorite local hunting forum shows several guys successfully harvesting rabbit all the time. However, as I have no gun right now (it's in the shop having a firing pin repaired) along with other issues re: prepping wild rabbit ... Bisher's meat shop it is! 

They carry everything from frog's legs to venison sausage:

Here's what the rabbit looks like in the package - these all come from a farm in Arkansas:

And here's the rabbit before butchering.  You can see a tutorial on how to butcher a whole rabbit here.

Braising the rabbit pieces in butter and olive oil:

Browning the pieces:

This particular recipe calls for lots of root veggies and herbs cooked in red wine.

Here the chopped veggies cook with wine before adding the rabbit back in:

The perfect plate for serving rabbit stew?  How cute!

And finally, the finished product, after adding some prosciutto and mushroom, served over mashed potatoes:

You can see the whole recipe at Saveur.com, here.  I did process the heart, kidneys, and liver into the gravy as directed and I think it added a very rich earthy flavor, though to be honest I probably liked the rabbit itself the least out of anyone in the family!  The kids loved it, I think because it was very chicken-breast like.  But I found it so lean that I need to experiment next time to keep it from tasting as lean as it is.  

Happy cooking!


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