Searching for sharks in February

January/February are usually kind of throw-away months for snorkeling here to someone spoiled by our summer snorkeling, but I decided to meet up with a couple of new friends on Sunday to investigate rumors of leopard sharks still in the vicinity. 

Outside air temp was about 42 degrees and the water was around 59, so although I don't have a proper 7/8 mm wetsuit I decided to layer my one millimeter skin underneath my 3/2 mm, don a hood, and hope for some good wildlife!

Conditions were murky due to light swells, recent rains, and an influx of seaweed and kelp on the shore and in the shallows.  Observe how we had to struggle through mounds of kelp!

And the only wildlife observed were a random school here and there of grunion or senorita.

See for yourself!  


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