Warner Springs | Ziplines, Pond-fishing + Firearms

Warner Springs is a small inland community out in north-east San Diego County and since it's so far from major town centers there are still amazing swaths of land you can buy fairly affordably.  

Last weekend we went out to the ranch of one of our dear friends out there, and knowing she had a zip line, a fishing pond, and a shooting range we prepared for a day of fun for us and the kids.  The dogs were boxers and super friendly!

This little pond is usually leveled up so high that the rock our son is sitting on would be totally covered... but these are times of extreme drought here in Southern California.  Still, there are catfish and bluegill ripe for the catching!  The fish won this day though.

Next up while the kids were exploring the pond and grounds was shotgun clay shooting.  We decided to try my refurbished 20-gauge Charles Daly side-by-side a spin to see if it truly was fixed - since I've owned it the left barrel failed to fire because the firing pin wasn't striking the shell with enough force to ignite the gunpowder. 

I didn't hit the clay in this clip but you can see that she fired well!

We had a nice array of guns to try since my friend and her friends had many between them.

This is the cache before other friends (one of whom teaches handgun safety) arrived.  He not only brought handguns but also an AK-47 and others.  

Here I am trying out the AK-47 while my new friend on the left handles a pistol and my friend on the right fires an AR-10 (I believe):

My favorite shooting of the day, however, was teaching our little ones gun safety, and having them shoot for the first time.  My eldest completed her Hunter Safety course with me and passed, though she had yet to ever handle a firearm.  This Ruger 10/22 rifle was light enough for them and perfect for learning.

She really enjoyed this!

They also found a little walking stick in the grass:


As I mentioned, one of our new friends also happens to teach a handgun safety class as a decades-long former police officer here in San Diego, so he taught me how to fire my very first handgun... I was honored and very grateful for the one-on-one lesson.  

This is his gun I was using, apparently the most popular (Smith & Wesson 9mm) for good reason.  I really liked the feel of it.

Here you see me hit two out of two shots (the first shot you hear is my new friend, firing next to me).  I'm aiming at a tiny white square metal target you can see in the shot and you can hear it "ping" when I hit it.

If you're lucky enough to be enjoying this glorious Southern California weather I hope you're getting out in it.  Thanks for looking!  


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