A Dinner Party | with Hummingbird Cake + morning-after French toast

Recently I threw a dinner party for two of our closest friends and their two children, and I thought it would be nice to make the kids' table as fancy as the adults'.  My own little nine-year-old appreciates grown up drinking glasses (she asked for a "fancy glass goblet" for Christmas this past December). But more importantly, our friends' eldest daughter is a very lady-like and sophisticated twelve-year-old girl, so I knew that she would love it!  

Sadly I have almost no pictures of the food I served because I was both entertaining and drinking copious amounts of cocktails and wine. But I can share that in addition to the easy platter of cheese/baguette/grapes, we had fresh mussels from the Poway Farmer's Market in a white wine sauce for the appetizer, followed by my classic pot roast (which I devoted a prior blog entry to... it's from Ree Drummond, and along with her mashed potatoes, it never disappoints.) Both were perfect for entertaining because in the case of the mussels they are quick and easy, while the pot roast you can make ahead to let roast while you chat.

Since the weather was balmy and my guests are known for loving champagne, I made them Elderflower Fizz cocktails. It's one of my all-time favorite cocktails when it's nice out because it's so refreshing!

Now here's the kids' table ~

We used a bench to accommodate two children on this side instead of one.  It's a pretty small table, but this worked!

For the place settings I borrowed a cute idea I saw on Pinterest ~ a wreath made of extra-long rosemary with the names taped on, and I draped that over our own tangerines from the backyard.

The original Pinterest post suggested one look at your local Farmer's Market for the long rosemary, but ours didn't have any. Luckily I literally ran across some on my morning jog... San Diego loves wild rosemary and the City often plants rosemary bushes and lets them really grow!

After dinner I served this cake, called a Hummingbird Cake, along with vanilla ice cream:

The inside looked like this (from link above ~ I also used the recipe in the link above):

Believe me when I tell you that this cake is TO DIE FOR!  The animals on top are just something fun I do with cakes now - I spray-painted plastic animals shiny metallic colors.  The animals also make the kids go crazy because I let them choose their favorite to keep. ;)

And the next day we still had a good amount of baguette left. What do you do with it? You can make a delicious bruschetta or crostino, but if you're looking to make something sweet and breakfast-y you can make French toast out of it!


After! Mmm...



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