Two-mile Pacific ocean swim | the leopards are still here

Last week I went to the Marine Room dive site and decided that I was going to swim straight(ish) across until I reached La Jolla Cove - the swim is about a mile one way, so that would mean two miles of open water swimming. 

There were times that I felt like I was just treading water and getting nowhere. Also, I brought my camera and stopped here and there to admire the usual fantastic sights seen in my favorite snorkeling spot on the planet. But eventually, I made it! The only thing I suffered was a small rash on my neck from my wetsuit rubbing it from the repetitive shoulder-roll swimming motion required to cover that much ocean. Honestly, anytime I thought it might be too hard, I remembered Diana Nyad and thought... Hey, if she can swim to Cuba...  :D

They say that leopard shark season is roughly July - September, but look who I found JUST as I entered the water? And she was so big ~

Check out the video of my swim. I'll be making this a more regular route and sharing more with you, I hope!


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