Valentines | Origami birds + Army guys

Has your Valentine's Day joy been interrupted by your kids? Not just in the traditional sense that they are always around during your attempts at doing anything romantic... but also in the sense that you are now required to produce 30-some Valentines per kid/class?

If so, remember these crafts to keep you home instead of running out to the store for a billion Valentines.

Buy - and keep - a big pack of simple origami paper. It's well under $10 and has countless sheets in multiple colors. I got mine at Michael's. Then, when you have to come up with an impromptu craft or need to give the kids something to do, you can just YouTube search "origami" and put them in front of the video, and problem solved! This is my daughter proudly working on hers:

This year our house had to come up with approximately 90 personalized Valentines. Luckily I like to trawl the blog over at Anthropologie and they had a delightful tutorial featuring origami birds as Valentines. See here.

I got hung up on Step #4 in their photo-tutorial, so I searched YouTube and found this fantastic link to a step-by-step video for making these same birds. The paper in the video is made with guided dots to help you figure out the folds, but it's so well done that you can just use plain old origami squares to get the same effect. Wonderful for cute impromptu notes and definitely for Valentines!

You can add phrases like, "Birds of a Feather Go To Happy Hour Together" for your grown-up friends, and "Love Notes Are For the Birds" for your cynical friends, etc. I love "You're the Tweetest" for its innocence and simplicity.

Shove a candy (I used a gummy worm) where the crop of the bird would be if necessary, tape closed, and voila ~ you have your Valentines <3

Want something more boyish for your boy? I found this idea on Pinterest, and although she sells her finished product on Etsy, you can make them at home with stuff you already have, assuming your son has a cache of Army men.

Mine had some he never played with, so we did this. On the back are the personalized names of each kid you're giving one to. I had him do the cutting and the personalization while I wrote the song lyrics and tied on the toys. They were a big hit at the Valentine's Day party!

Don't forget, "All's Fair in Love and War."

Happy Valentines Day and thanks for looking!


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