Beating the storm | Friday horn shark snorkel

So we had this big rain storm this weekend and it was about as bad as predicted. Since run-off contamination after a big rain here in San Diego is always a concern, I knew I had about a week of not being able to hit the beach coming at me (storm time + 72 hours after rains end)... so I ran over there quick on Friday afternoon just as the clouds were rolling in, and look what I found!

~Click the gear icon and select "HD" for the clearest dive experience~

Sea lion regulars and a very large horn shark. It's interesting how differently they behave than leopard sharks, which are very shy and skittish if you dive down on them. This guy wasn't intimidated by me AT ALL.

This is about when I sighted him:

Chasing him, which wasn't hard because he didn't hurry away from me, kind of like a Sevengill:

Getting in close to observe him even better. I wonder how old he is to be so big?

And on the way out, the usual suspects. You can see those clouds really starting to roll in:

Is this The Boss? She's large and lazy enough to be, and just near enough to her beloved staircase lounge spot to make me think so!

Thanks for looking ;)


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