Happy New Year! | Eagle Nest Cam link + SD Voyager Mag's Hazelnut Labs profile

Happy New Year, friends! I've been busy enjoying San Diego and all her charms, but haven't been as effective at sharing my little adventures via blog. This is truly my only resolution this year, and you shouldn't take the fact that I'm posting a "Happy New Year" post on January 9th as any sign that I have already abandoned my resolution, yet... right?

My first gift to you this new year is what's up on the other window I have open on my computer: a Big Bear Bald Eagle Nest Cam. While we're getting all this rain in San Diego, our neighbors to the north up in Big Bear are getting all the same precipitation, but in snow form - and this eagle couple nesting with their two eggs is a treat to watch.

I never really talk about work, but in case you wondered, this article in SD Voyager online magazine sums up what I'm doing with the old man work-wise these days, with a Q&A with yours truly.

Thanks for looking, and check back soon!


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